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A slide presentation by Tommaso Pante’ , Top Guide for Rick Steve’s Europe, and Discover My Italy



Villa Romana del Casale di Piazza Armerina

SICILY IS UNIQUE: People who have traveled on the Italian mainland will find Sicily to be full of pleasant surprises. Everywhere are the influences from the Greek, Roman, Arab, Spanish and Norman cultures that once called Sicily home: it’s Italy in the extreme with a totally different flavor. Some scholars say Sicily has the best-preserved Greek ruins in the world, and certainly this is true. Our Greek temples and theatres date back 2900 years but are still in excellent condition. The beauty of our mosaic-filled churches, showing the skill of many Arab craftsmen, equals that of other famous Italian churches.

In the past, Sicily was very poor with much immigration to other countries (especially to the US), but conditions have changed. Sicily has become very prosperous, and now people are immigrating to Sicily. The economy is much diversified, and Sicily has many exceptional services that sometimes surprise but also please travelers. The uniqueness of the island is still a little known secret, so it is less expensive, warmer, friendlier and more exotic than other regions.


TOMMASO PANTE’ is a Top Guide for Rick Steve’s Europe; he has worked for the American Forces Network Europe. 
Born under the Mediterranean sun in Messina, Sicily, where he’s currently based and reside, he is a fully licensed Freelance Tour Guide and Tour Manager/Escort.


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